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Originally Posted by Curtis Sewmungal View Post
Good Day

I am trying out the shipping options after the add to cart page on my Ecwid store.
Its says 'do not ship to this location.' I am in South Africa and have set up shipping in South Africa under the Settings>zones and shipping pages.

I have read all the threads but can't fathom a solution.
My Store ID 10513199.

Please assist.

Thank you
Hello Curtis,

Ecwid Customer Care team here. Thanks for your post.

I've checked your account now and see that everything is alright with the setup itself.

The issue is in the fact that you're using FedEx as a carrier-calculated shipping method in Ecwid, and FedEx does not really seem to provide any shipping methods within South Africa. At least it does not send any with the postal codes I see in your origin address and "South Africa" destination zone.

When you're using a carrier-calculated method in your store, Ecwid does not calculate rates itself. It sends a request to FedEx (for example), asking, figureatively speaking:

- Hey FedEx! Here are the origin address, weight of the package and the destination address. Give me the rates, please.

When FedEx does have shipping methods for these, it replies with the rates. In case when it does not have any rates to send like in your case, it says in reply:

- Sorry, Ecwid, I don't have any rates for these addresses. Can't send you anything.

This is when you see the "Sorry, we don't ship to this location" note.

I've checked these addresses on the side of FedEx too, using their calculator and got nothing for example addresses indeed:

Thus it looks like using FedEx in this case is not an option with your store. There's a solution, of course.

SOLUTION: I can suggest using either the Flat rate methods or Custom tables. Please find how to set them up here:

* Flat rate

* Custom table

When you use these methods, Ecwid does not have to ask any side system for rates, hence calculates them on its own. You can set these rates yourself anyhow, of course.

So, you will not see the "Sorry, we don't ship to this location" note with the same addresses as you're trying to get rates through FedEx for.

Hope this helps. Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.
Roman I.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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