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Originally Posted by Hip Healthy Kids View Post
I just received an order for a product where I have set up $7 flat rate shipping on the product code. For some reason the customer was able to order it and not get charged shipping at all. Obviously a big problem as I will now need to eat the shipping cost. Not sure why this occurred and I went back to double check my product shipping and universal shipping settings and everything was set up appropriately. I tried to push a test order through by coming in as a customer to the site and the same happened with me where I was not charged shipping. Can you please look into this?

I changed the product to global shipping at this time and am ok with this option on this product moving forward; however I have flat rate set up on other items and am worried the same will happen without warning.

Here is my site for reference:

Thank you.


I’ve checked your store. At the moment the shipping rates are calculated correctly, according to your settings.

I’ve checked your Sales -> Order page, and for order #11 the shipping details field is empty. This means that the product your customer ordered was marked as intangible (‘This product requires shipping’ option unticked on the Catalog -> Products -> Product details page), the shipping page was skipped on checkout and therefore your customer was not charged shipping. Otherwise, even if the shipping was free, the customer’s shipping address would have been requested. So the fact that he/she was not charged shipping has nothing to do with shipping freight setting you used in your store before.
Please, make sure that you have ‘This product requires shipping’ option enabled for all your products that require shipping.

If the issue persists, please, provide me with the SKU of the product and exact address so that I could reproduce the issue. The screenshot will also be of great help.
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