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Thank you for the report. As far as I can see, it takes too long for the page to load completely, and most of the time the Ecwid's loading animation is shown. It is not something about specifically Blogger or Ecwid. This is caused by some images used on your site. Ecwid store is working fast after the loading has been completed.

Ecwid store loads in 3 phases, as the customer's browser loads your store page:
1. The store's main script (// is loaded into the page.

2. The additional assets of Ecwid (your custom CSS theme and some more Ecwid scripts) is loaded into the page. At this moment, Ecwid shows the loading bar indicator. Only the indicator is visible up from this point.

--- then the browser continues loading the page and its assets - images, other scripts, Flash movies etc. Ecwid is still displayed as a loading bar indicator, no widgets is displayed yet ---

3. Once all the other assets of the page are completely downloaded, the widgets of Ecwid are displayed. Loading bar is removed from the page, and the visual representation of Ecwid's widgets starts appearing on screen.

So, the loading bar is shown for a long time, because something else besides Ecwid on that page is being loaded for too long, and Ecwid waits when that other asset completes and only then starts showing its widgets.

Exactly the image under this URL:
is being loaded for about 30 seconds. It's this one image on the site:

If you remove it, your site will load faster and Ecwid will be loaded in a blaze.