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Hi! Thanks for contacting us.
Can I make serious changes to the product's page design? not only hiding elements, but adding new div to the HTML (using e.g. JavaScript) or changing the position of a certain HTML div in the page, e.g. changing the position of the gallery to make it appears below the main product image instead of its current position to the left of the image.
Sure you can! As I understand, you already know you can change the look and feel of your Ecwid store by means of CSS codes. CSS allows you easily hide elements (you already mentioned that), move them around a bit, change their colors and sizes. However, if you need to significantly change the design of store pages, you should be able to update the HTML code of store pages and their markup.

Since Ecwid is a SaaS solution and all the store data is stored and processed on our own servers, Ecwid users don't have a direct access to HTML codes of their store pages. That's why we implemented a set of tools that allows changing Ecwid's markup dynamically, on-the-fly, by means of JavaScript and our JavaScript API—see all necessary links below. This API allows changing the default layout the way you want.

Another way to get a completely different look for your Ecwid store is utilizing our REST API. With this API, you can dynamically get all the store data you need and based on that data build your own storefront. The guys from Smooth Sailing Co. went this way and you never say their shop is Ecwid until you look under the hood:
Links on the topic:
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