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Hi there,

We currently have the free version set up and all works smoothly. But now I'd like to set up a product which allows the customer to upload image files with their purchase. I've read the info and the forum threads but would like to clarify some details before we upgrade to the Venture plan.

The product will be an entry into a photo competition, with 3 price bands. So $x = for x1 photo; $y = for x3 photos; $z = for x7 photos. my questions are:-
  1. Is there a way to limit the number of file uploads per product/product option, so that only the correct number of files are uploaded?
  2. Can i set this up as 1 product with several product options, and then each option with a separate maximum number of files for upload? (so if someone pays for x1 photo entry they can't upload x3 for eg)
  3. If not, I presume I'd have to set them up as separate products?
  4. Is 15MB the max file upload for the Venture plan?
  5. Is there a maximum number of uploads per month for this plan? (ie. if we get 200 entries, each with 5 photo, is it still OK as long as all the entries are less than the max file upload size?)

I'd really appreciate your feedback for these queries, as we're trying to set this up now in conjunction with another party and need to move forward on it.

Thanks, Jenny

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