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Originally Posted by Robert Morita View Post
Is there a way to download the CSS file for the starter site? I'd like to start by tweaking some of the fonts, namely the store name at the top of the starter site page. Having the full CSS file would be helpful for other things as well.
Hi Robert!

Thanks a lot for your message.

In order to apply some design changes to your Ecwid Starter Site you need to add some CSS rules to your custom CSS Theme in your Ecwid Control panel > Settings > Design.

To understand how to change the look of some element you need to find out what class or ID it has. It is very easy to do it with the help of web-inspector that is present in any browser.

In Google Chrome and Opera: right-click on the element (e.g. link) and select “Inspect Element” in the menu.

I made a screencast for you, please, check how to inspect the element in your Store —

In our screencast we have selected the “Title” label and you can see the class and the rule applying to the label.

1. .header h1 is a selector that defines what element the rule applies to,
2. color is a parameter that we are going to change,
3. black !important is the value of this parameter.You can use any hex code for the color. You can easily find any color code with the help of special services, e.g. at

After you find the exact code you need to add it to your custom CSS Theme in your Ecwid Control panel > Settings > Design:

.header h1 {
    color: black !important;
    font-size: 50px !important;
    font-family: verdana;
Activate the Theme and Save the changes. Then refresh the page of your Storefront to see the design changes.

Please, refer to our article about Ecwid Design —

Originally Posted by Robert Morita View Post
Also, is there a guide for setting up shipping and payment options? Thanks!
You might be interested in our articles on the matter:

- Shipping
- Payment options

Hope this helps! Please, let me know if any further assistance is required. I'll be glad to help you.

Ecwid team