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Hi Ann,

This is Valerie from Ecwid team. Thank you for your reply.

I've checked the links you've sent to us and this Orders Tracking page works correctly. So your customers enter their email address and receive a sign-in link that leads them to the page with their orders (screenshot). As this page is a part of your Ecwid store, your customers will be able to go back to the store page using the Continue Shopping button at the bottom of the page.

The Our Products title that is displayed at the top of the page (screenshot) is added with the help of built-in Wix Editor tools. So if you want to remove this title from the Orders page you need to do it in the Wix Website Editor. If you need some help with it, please, contact Wix support at and they will guide you on how to delete the store header from the Orders page.

You can also move the Orders Tracking link in the website menu to its own separate block so that it's more visible for your customers. You can do it in your Wix Website Editor in the Menus and Pages section.

I hope, it helps. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions for us. You can also contact us at
Valerie S.
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