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Default AccountEdge import

Hi there!

According to the information in the AccountEdge Help Center, they support import and export of comma-separated files (CSV) just like Ecwid. So from a technical point of view, it can be possible to change the file you export from your Ecwid store to match the requirements of AccountEdge import tool, depending on what the end result should be.

If you're looking for an automatic solution for importing data from Ecwid to AccountEdge, it can be created by means of Ecwid API. It will require advanced programming skills and knowledge. Here is the link to our developers' website with the API documentation:

If you need such a solution for your store, you can submit a request to Ecwid’s development team, they make custom solutions on a paid basis. In case this is something you’re interested in, here’s a link to apply for Ecwid Customization Service:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions here or at Thank you!
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