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Ecwid allows a manual export of a CSV containing your sales from Ecwid control panel > Sales. This export may not be automated, it requires the store admin presence in order to make it.

There is, however, a way for any third party application of your choice to access the sales data in your store using the Ecwid Order API. So, it is possible to create a custom automation solution that accesses the sales data via Order API and outputs it in a desired format (or writes it directly to a database, if that is what you need CSVs for).

Moreover, if you need just in time updates on each of your sales instead of daily bulk exports, you can rely on our Instant Order Notifications API.

There are a few developers who are quite familiar with Ecwid's APIs and could complete this task for you. I can certainly recommend to turn to mkpsoftware, and you can also turn to developers from Qualiteam (contact them at