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Question Export sales to Sage 1000 automatically everyday at the same time

Ok, so i can see that a csv sales report can be exported and then you can use the data to enter into a sage 1000 csv and import

Can the sales report be exported automatically at a set time everyday via Ecwid
if not in Ecwid, can the same data be exported from Google analytics

If it cannot be done automatically, has anyone used a third party company to import the sale csv file to, whereby they convert to e.g Sage 1000 and import to your companies accounting software?

This is for a commercial website project, yes there are other ecommerce platforms out there but i just love Ecwid and the direction it is going in terms of development so really want to use it


Any ideas, tips welcome - if there are any developers or Ecwid themselves could do some development i would be interested in a price.