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Hi Qetzal,

Thanks for the reply, sorry for my late reply!

In terms of ease of use - the biggest challenge has been getting used to the idea of the system being managed outside of Wordpress and the subsequent integration (such as this challenge for me.)

Re: adding the code to each page, I've done so, but still seeing the word "Bag" etc. My code is as follows:

ecwidMessages = {
"AddToBagWidget.product_added":"The product was added to your shopping cart",
"BreadCrumbs.your_bag":"Your shopping cart",
"Checkout.items_removed":"There were removed items in your cart, because they are temporarily unavailable. Please, check your cart\!",
"Checkout.items_unavailable":"Items in your cart are temporarily unavailable, cannot proceed\!",
"CheckoutServiceImpl.add_items":". Please add some more items to your cart.",
"CheckoutServiceImpl.remove_items":". Please remove items from your cart.",
"DnDLabel.drag_me":"Drag & Drop Me to the Cart",
"EmptyShoppingCartPanel.empty":"Your Shopping Cart is empty",
"Minicart.open_bag":"Open Cart",
"Minicart.out_of_stock":"The product is out of stock and cannot be put in the cart",
"Minicart.shopping_bag":"Shopping Cart",
"ProductBrowser.your_cart":"Your cart",
"ProductDetails.all_items_in_bag":"All items are in the cart",
"ProductDetails.in_bag":"\ in the cart",
"ProductDetails.In_bag":"In the Cart",
"ShoppingCart.open_bag":"Please open the cart and remove some products or go to checkout.",
"ShoppingCart.the_number_of_products_":"The number of different products in your cart",
"ShoppingCartView.clear":"Clear Cart",
"ShoppingCartView.shopping_bag":"Your Shopping Cart",
"TableProductsContainer.add_to_bag":"Add to Cart"

(About Us text goes here)

I've done this for all pages as suggested with no resulting change in the text. Is there something I'm missing?

If it helps, I'm developing this on a temp domain while I learn the system, which is here:

Glen Parker