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Originally Posted by Kerri Sands View Post
Originally Posted by MUK Computech
Is it possible if you could provide me the full HTML code for this label changing if posible.

Try to add this code to your page before any Ecwid integration code:

HTML Code:
<script type="text/javascript">
ecwidMessages = {
"":"VAT 17.5%",
"":"VAT 17.5%",
"":"VAT 17.5%",
"":"VAT 17.5%"

Can you advise where I would find the page before any Ecwid integration code....
It looks like the guide is misleading a bit, so you misunderstood it. You need to add the translation code into the HTML code of your store page. So, you need to edit this page: , make sure you edit its HTML code (the one that shows a lot of <>) and add the translation code somewhere near the Ecwid widgets code - it does not matter, if you add it before or after them, just add anywhere on the page.