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Originally Posted by Gianluca P View Post
please exist or not a integration for Joomla system users (CB)?

Because whitout is very problem. the user can login on my site and after they can create a second new account on your system for complete order ...
As I understand you mean the "Single Sign-On" feature, i.e. when a customer logs in to your site and automatically logs in to your store as well.
This feature isn't ready yet, however we're planning to release it in the future.

Meanwhile some workarounds are already available. For example using Google Friend Connect or by disabling the Ecwid's Sign in links.

Anyway, a customer doesn't need to create an account in Ecwid to place an order. So I don't see any problems there.

Originally Posted by Gianluca P View Post
let me know, I should pay you to have a plug-in???

It would be a steal, I would say that especially in this so directly, and arrogant. I asked if you could please ... you came to me without even saying goodbye.
Congratulations guys.

I would say that I can easily change software, services, ZERO, ZERO kindness.
I am not sure, if I understand what you mean. Could you please clarify?
Ecwid is free and we don't force anyone to pay us to implement a particular feature. Submit a feature to our ideas base, wait till it gets enough votes and it will appear in the Basic or Silver Ecwid plans.

However if you want to sponsor a feature to get it implemented faster or you have a project with specific requirements, then yes, it will cost you some money.
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