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Originally Posted by Anabolic Designs View Post
Hi Matvey,

You mean the Facebook custom HTML code. That was earlier in this thread.

The Affiliate Referrer ID I created in the backend of PAP.

As you can see the FB widget works without the custom HMTL just fine, and also works with the custom code just fine, ONLY it does NOT work at the critical stage - on the intended Facebook page.

See the links here:

Fine in the control panel:

Does not dispay in Facebook page:
Thank you for the details.

There are several issues with the way you integrated Ecwid on your Facebook page:
1) As far as I understand, you use the 'Custom HTML code (advanced)' option for store integration.
This option is supposed to be used when you want to alter the tab content and it alters the content completely. So, if you don't include Ecwid integration code there, there won't be any store in the tab. That is what happens: you simply enter the custom code but there is no Ecwid integration code in it hence no store. In order to put there the custom code and you store, you will need to use the widget integration codes from your control panel as you would do if you wanted to integrate your storefront on your site or blog outside Facebook.
2) The main application canvas ( properly displays your store because it is not modified: the custom tab content doesn't affect it anyhow.
The thing is our Facebook application is available in two 'views': tab view and canvas view. You can manually change the content of the tab as you want, but it is not the same for the main app canvas: the main app canvas simply displays your store regardless of the tab content. By the way, it is also the reason why you cannot put any custom codes on your main app canvas store view - the only way to do it is to create a custom FB application. So, unfortunately, it doesn't contain your custom code now.
3) The affiliate code you integrated in your tab doesn't work at the moment - it generates the error "papTrack is not defined" - you can see it if you inspect your store page via the browser developer tools and look at the JavaScript errors on the page. I think the error is caused by invalid code. I believe the code should look as it is recommended by Post Affilaite Pro - you can find the correct code in your Post Affiliate Pro admin back-end. Please also refer to the points 3 and 4 in this article:

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.
Matt K
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