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Default How to set different shipping, on different types of items&

I have been using ecwid with no problems so far for a while now. But as our business grows we are selling more items. So here's our issue at present:

We sell items that can be sent normally through royal mail easy and as normal, but we also sell spray paint which has a UN number and HAS to be sent via our courier service. We have set up as best we can so far but the way it is at the moment is that the customer has to choose at checkout whether or not they have spray paints in their bag. We'd like it so ecwid knew that if there was any spray paints in cart that it must only be a courier service to save on any issues with customers and us having to request more money if they selected the wrong the postage.

Any help or advice on this matter would be much appreciated. If more details of what we need are needed please do ask. We'd like to resolve this as fast and as well as possible.

(you can see what i mean if you go to our site and add stuff to the cart and go to checkout @ )

Thank you for your time.
Ben @ Redtail studio