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Originally Posted by pati610 View Post
Hi Daria,

that explains why my original post didn't appear! Well, things like that can happen.

My FB store is not online yet, due to reasons such as the one who made me initiate this thread. But if you at Ecwid can preview it the way I do, with a whitelisted IP (which I guess you can), the address is:

Hello Patrick,

thanks for the provided info!

I tested your app and saw the following:

When the store is added to iframe, Ecwid uses the following link to redirect from PayPal side:

Using this link it detects your account and takes the URL that you setup as "Store Location" in Ecwid control panel>Settings>General>Store profile ( As a result there is a redirect to your website page:

In order to change this behavior, try to correct your store URL and specify the link to your Facebook app there. In this case the redirect should work Ok.

Please try it out and let me know if any further assistance is required. I'll be glad to help you.

Thank you!
Daria L.
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