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This is Charlie, Ecwid team.

Thank you for the detailed report of the problem. I'm glad it does not persist anymore.

I've decided to check possible reasons or trace of why it might have been happening:

— I've checked every one of your products for a possible "Global rate + fixed price per item" setting on the 'Tax and Shipping' tab of product editing page. Screenshot:
— I've also checked each and every one of your shipping methods for a possible markup setting. See:
— I've also checked, if you have a Handling fee set up:

However, none of those are set up to add that $6 markup you mentioned.

By the looks of it, USPS API did sustain an overload in requests & responses yesterday. So perhaps, that is indeed a reason for it.

Have you been able to replicate the problem again?

Thank you.
Ecwid Customer Care Team