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Exclamation HELP! Ecwid is showing wrong rates, all my shipping rates show $6 higher than they should be.

~~This can go in the weird bug files; it's stopped doing it and gone back to normal.

Ecwid has suddenly begun adding $6.00 to each of my shipping rates, both the USPS calculated ones, and my custom ones.

I do NOT have a $6.00 fee added to any of the rates. For example.. my rate where I set shipping rates, for a medium flat rate box, is $13.87; but in the shopping cart, the same rate (I capitalized some words to be certain) it reads as $19.87.

~~~ Fairly freaksome: I took several items out of the cart, and then put them back, and now it's adding right.
Maybe it was the USPS api misbehaving?

In any event, it appears to have stopped adding the extra cost.

My shop is at

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