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Default Replacement "Continue Shopping" button not working

I have used the supplied code for replacing the button images, and they all worked except for the "Continue Shopping button, which won't work, and I can't figure out why.

The code I'm using is:
/* The "Continue Shopping" button in up state */
div.ecwid-ContinueShoppingButton-up, div.ecwid-ContinueShoppingButton-up-hovering, div.ecwid-ContinueShoppingButton-ie6-up, div.ecwid-ContinueShoppingButton-ie6-up-hovering {
background-image: url( no-repeat top center;
/* The "Continue Shopping" button in down state */
div.ecwid-ContinueShoppingButton-down, div.ecwid-ContinueShoppingButton-down-hovering, div.ecwid-ContinueShoppingButton-ie6-down, div.ecwid-ContinueShoppingButton-ie6-down-hovering {
background-image: url( no-repeat top center;
When I try to use that on my store (or more accurately, on a local offline test build of the store) the original continue shopping button appears, and looking in the chrome Inspector reveals that my style is underneath.

Disabling the first style (the original one) using the element inspector shows my new button, which then works correctly. I just want to get rid of the original one that is rendering on top.

Can anyone help?