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Originally Posted by Kenneth Wooden View Post
I just recently discovered this workbook and want to use it for my online business. The workbook currently has almost everything I need to effectively track my sales and profits except postal expenses. I would like to be able to add two fields for postal expenses; one field for what the customer was charged and the other for the actual expense I paid to ship the package. Sometimes I make a profit and other times I do not. I would like to have these expenses included in my sales and profits report. Could you please tell me how this can be made possible?
LOL you could do this/this could be done... One thing I wanted to ask are you using version 1.0 or 2.0? I think 2.0 has more fields, not the one your looking for but more fields.

Your suggestion is a good one and that probably could be added. Here is the thing. That workbook is a computational nightmare. I would literally have to relearn the workbook to alter it. Not to say I am not motivated but I have a lot on my plate right now.

I even made another bad ass workbook for product pricing and profitability. It is freaking amazing.

So hold tight and let me see what I can do.