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Question How to not add Flat rate fee to LOCAL Pick up

I have been working with shipping and found that because there are no package dimensions that our shipping has been as much as 75% off the actual costs to ship.

In order to fix this issue, I had to add a flat rate to each individual item to offset the difference in real costs and calculated costs. Ok that works well, not exactly ideal - because it would be better to apply it directly to the Carrier instead of individual items.

Now the problem is that the local pick-up option now shows the flat rate costs, when it shouldn't be added in at all.

I can't find any way to get this to work correctly and believe that ECWID needs a flat rate applied only to the carrier, as well as package dimensions - because ECWID offers shipping options that aren't even available for large packages. So the shipping is all messed up, it calculates incorrectly, offers services not available, and then adds the flat rate to a local pick up - all WRONG.

Is there any way to fix any of these problems?>

Thanks in advance