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Originally Posted by BabyJs View Post
Matvey, thanks for the help. We will have to 'settle' with the drop-down option.

I was looking at how the iPad automatically changed prices and images, then I realized that each of those variations (3g / memory / color) was set up using the 'variation' approach.

Once I realized that, then I saw why my price wasn't automatically increasing each time I added a topping.

I still wish there was another way to solve this. We offer 10 toppings (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j) and to set up all the variations of those toppings (letters) is almost impossible.

I've got two more restaurants that are interested in this, and my concern is that the menu now takes up a lot of the screen real estate. Perhaps if I add more descriptive text, the long list of drop-downs won't look so out of place.
You're right, the options-as-checkboxes solution will fit to your store better than the one with drop-downs. However, even with checkboxes, the selection area will not be smaller - you will need to list all product options anyway. I must also say that the options-as-checkboxes solution will not decrease the possible number of the options variations. But, as I said in my previous message, you don't have to define all variations, in many cases definition of product options with price modifiers is enough (if you know how every product option selection changes the product price). So in your example with ten toppings you may only need to define ten product options and price corrections. Please look at my instructions of how to do it in the previous message.
If you have any thoughts about another possible way to manage products with large set of options, please feel free to suggest it in our ideas base.

Matvey, since you're on the team there at Ecwid, what would it take to spice up our mobile version without compromising the Facebook and/ or website?
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