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Originally Posted by Chanel Hardy View Post
I enabled the paypal feature again.

I tried it from my android mobile phone, a friend from her apple phone, and also my windows laptop and android tablet using both internet explorer and chrome. Basically, when you choose pay with paypal, and go to click continue, the button does not take you anywhere. It doesn't budge.

Thank you for letting us test this function on your site. Indeed, the “Continue” button is clickable but doesn’t work as it should. The most possible reason for this behaviour is that you added your Ecwid store to Wix using the integration code. This is not the best method to integrate Ecwid with Wix websites since it can cause incorrect work of some Ecwid elements.

I would highly recommend re-adding your Ecwid store with help of our special application for Wix. This should fix the issue with the “Continue” button and make your store user friendly and absolutely mobile responsive. Please find the detailed instructions here:

I hope this helps! Please feel free to ask questions if there are any.

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