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Originally Posted by Ready4You View Post
Order.Extra.Fields is used by ecwid to capture date/time for scheduled delivery date/time for home delivery .... iOS App displays this field properly. The Android App ONLY SHOWS the Date (but does NOT show the time). For our restaurant short notice clients that's obviously a huge issue - and even bigger for us the ecwid reseller/Gold


Hi there! This is Kenga from Ecwid Customer Care team. Thanks for your message.

As I understand, you're using a custom date picker on the checkout of one of the stores registered under your brand. And the custom date picker is created with the help of the Order extra fields (datetime type). Is this correct?

If so, there is a bug in our mobile app for Android: the time is not shown in the order details if the datetime type is used in the order extra fields. It's the problem of the UI, the time is stored in the database, but isn't displayed to the store owner. Our developers are working on the fix. Once they correct the date and time format and release an updated version of the app for Android, I'll get back to you with an update.

Please, stay tuned.

On a side note: please, contact our support team at if you have any problems.

Ecwid team