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Originally Posted by Justin Myers View Post
It would be great if ECWID worked with Atandra's T-HUB for a Quickbooks integration. I've used T-HUB with Virtuamart before and thought it did an outstanding job of bridging inventory, shipping and accounting with Quickbooks.

To my knowledge ECWID has nothing at this time and I have not seen any plans for any type of accounting integration.
As far as I can see from this your post, Atandra needs to develop the connector between Ecwid and their software, but prior to that they need a wider customer demand for that connector. So, obviously Ecwid team cannot do much in this integration, but merchants can.

From our side we already provide many APIs to report the orders in real time, access the order details and products, or track the page views, so there is no technical limitations from the Ecwid side - almost anything is now possible with custom programming, and our team will add even more possibilities soon.

If you really need the T-HUB integration, you need to facilitate other Ecwid merchants to demand that integration from Atandra.

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