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Originally Posted by Bryn Howlett View Post
Is it possible to have a person be able to purchase items for pickup only? We don't want a client to be able to put any shipping information in but be able to add a bunch of items to the cart and pay and schedule a pickup date.

Please let me know if this is possible.




It’s totally possible to have only local pickup in your store.
In order to hide shipping information form checkout you need to untick “This product requires shipping” option for all your products on Catalog -> Products -> Product details page in your control panel. Your customer will proceed to the payment page right after pressing checkout button.
For your customers to be able to schedule the pickup date you can add a required datepicker option called "Enter the pick up date" to each product. In this case your customers will be asked to enter the pick up info for each product that has such an option.
Or if you want to request delivery date for the whole order you may use order comments. Please, refer to this article for details:
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