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Originally Posted by Chelsy Henry View Post
Can anyone help me with the correct css to change the huge spacing in my product descriptions? Here is one of them:

I want all products descriptions to be in identical format.

Thank you!
Hello Chelsy,

There are excessive paragraphs added to product descriptions and they cause extra empty spaces. Chelsy, please describe how you create your product descriptions. Do you use any text editor where you input your text before adding it to your Ecwid store? If so, which text editor you use?

To fix the issue please try the following:
  1. Cut product description from your store.
  2. Paste it into any simple editor (like Sublime or Notepad).
  3. Copy the text from the editor.
  4. Paste the text back to your product description in Ecwid. To do this, please use HTML editor:
  5. Format the text and save the changes.

This should help.