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Default X-Cart Import


I'm importing 100 products with options, each product has the same 2 options.

The products imported fine, but only 1 of the 2 options did. Here's an example of the csv.

HTML Code:
IMG_3133.jpg,Size,select,7 x 5 inch (unmounted),10,abs
IMG_3133.jpg,Size,select,10 x 8 inch (unmounted),20,abs
Also tried creating an example X-Cart file from within the demo and ended up with:
HTML Code:
,IMG_3133.jpg,IMG_3133.jpg,444,Size,Y,Size,1,Y,4125,7 x 5 inch (unmounted),10,$,1,Y
,,,,,,,,,4126,10 x 8 inch (unmounted),20,$,2,Y
which looks basically the same, just with the additional columns which Ecwid doesn't use.


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