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Originally Posted by N8w View Post
OK, got a question.

I have a T-shirt site I want to start but don't want to make a couple shirts at a time. Instead, I want to make a whole run of shirts at once and only make the run of shirts when sales reach a certain number of shirts. To let customers know how many have been sold and how many more need to be sold, I would like to have a sales meter displayed on the page. Is there a way to do this in Ecwid or Wix?

Thanks a lot for contacting Ecwid customer care team and for your interest in Ecwid.

Ecwid doesn't have such feature as "Sales Meter" out-of-the-box. If you'd like to display the sales meter on your website, you can achieve this with the help of custom solution.

In Ecwid, various customizations are possible with the help of Ecwid APIs. Here is the link to API documentation:

You can create a custom solution that would grab the information about sales in your store via Ecwid API and display it somehow (for ex. as a circle chart) on your website with Ecwid store.

Please, note, such customizations require certain programming skills. If you need professional help with this task, you may want to hire a developer. You can rely on Ecwid customization service (we provide it on a paid basis). Please, feel free to write me back if you are interested in and I will forward your request to our developers.

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