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Default questions about modx and ecwid


I have a few questions in regards to adding this e-commerce with modx. But i need it to fill my requirements. Please see my questions below.

1. I need stock count? Say I have color & size per item, can I add stock per color & per size for a specific item.

2. Need a mailing list for people who registered via checkout, or just a register for mailing list on it’s own.

3. Regarding orders, when a customer’s order is ready, need to send an email via the admin that the shipment has been sent.

4. Need to create a sale page? Meaning, say I want some of my items to have a sale price and I want to show it in a specific page.

5. Need to create a new arrivals page? Meaning, I just added new items, need to show them in a specific page.

6. Need to create an item in multiple languages? I need it in English & Hebrew.

7. Need to create multiple currencies for the item prices & checkout? I need in USD, EUR and Israel Shekels (ILS).

8. When someone is in the checkout, need to add and automatic "free shipping" for an order that is above x amount. Or maybe give discount between two amounts. Or in general, give free shipping for all orders.

9. Search field to search items.

Please let me know the above.