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Originally Posted by Deborah Malle View Post

I have a wix site with a shop, and also a facebook shop. Both are using the same ecwid shopping cart.

I've read about how to insert some code into my integration code, so that, for instance, I could see what sales came from facebook and what sales came from my wix site.

It seems complicated, and I've been told that I'll have to take down my existing shops/carts, figure out how to do the code change and then re- upload my stores.

Isn't there some code that I could just place on the Thank you page that would show me which sale came from which site?

If so, how would an affiliate be able to track their own sales?

Thank you!
Hi Deborah,

Thanks a lot for contacting Ecwid customer care team! I am sorry for keeping you waiting.

Since Ecwid can be added to any website or social page, you totally can have several storefronts simultaneously. In your case, there are two storefronts: a store on Wix website and Facebook store. In order to learn which storefront an order came from, you should use this code:

<script> xAffiliate("Facebook"); </script>
Feel free to replace "Facebook" with any other text, for ex. "My site on Wix" and so on. Note that you do not need to take down your stores. You only need to add that special code as instructed below.

How to add this code to your Facebook store:

Open this page and proceed to the "Settings" page. Add the code to the "Advanced settings" text field and click on "Save" button.

How to add this code to your store on Wix site:

1. Go to Wix HTML Editor -> Pages, open "Online Store" page
2. Place the cursor on the area with shop and double click (or click “Settings” button), a popup window with app settings will appear.
3. Choose “Design” tab and scroll down to Advanced settings. There is a box where you can add the code.
4. Add your code to a box. Close this popup. Then save the changes and click “Publish” button.

Once you do this, you will see the name of storefront in order details in your Ecwid control panel > My sales > Orders page. Click on "See details" next to a certain order. Note that this feature will work only for newly placed orders.

You can track which storefront an order came from on one of our paid plans.

If you have other concerns, please feel free to write me back and it will be my pleasure to assist you further. Have a wonderful day!
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