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Originally Posted by David Rogerson View Post
I have received a payment through wepay but it has not completed i don't know how to get the money to complete order

Hello, David!

I've checked your Ecwid account (ID 12637270) and see that you have an order #3 in your Ecwid Control Panel > My Sales > Orders.

As I see, this order was placed via Phone order that is enabled in your Ecwid Control Panel > Payment.

Ecwid support two types of payment methods: online and offline.

Phone Order is an offline payment method. When such a method is used, no actual payment takes place at the checkout. Instead, you just inform your customer on how to transfer money and whom and how they should contact later. Your customers go through checkout steps and place an order. This order will be saved in your store, corresponding email notifications will be sent to you and your customer. In your Control Panel, such orders appear as 'Awaiting Payment'. It indicates that the order was placed successfully but you haven't received any funds yet.

By the way, the offline payment method implies that the payment is done outside of Ecwid. As soon as you receive the money, you can change the order status to 'Paid' in your Control Panel, then ship the ordered item to your customer. Learn more about how offline payment methods work in this article:

If you received the payment for this order, just change the status of it to "Paid" and complete the order. Check this article to learn more about order statuses.
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