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Originally Posted by The Inflatable Gorilla View Post
The correct price is showing on my site and even when you are shopping in the ecwid store but when I add it to my bag and go to checkout it shows the wrong price. The price is shows is double the real price that it shows everywhere else. Why is it doubleing the real price in the checkout?

My shipping and everything else is working fine.

This problem also hasn't always happened.


I have inspected your site for investigation the issue. Your store works fine. Please look at this screenshot:

The total cost on the screenshot is calculated in this way:
total cost ($41.61) = sum of items prices ($26) + shipping cost ($12) + tax ($3.61)

As far as I can see it is correct. If the issue still exists, please let us know what product you add to the cart when you discover the problem.

I also want to notice that the way how you set product pricing in your store may confuse your customers. You set a $0 price and define a product option with one price-modifier selection for each product in your store. A customer sees zero-priced products, the prices are increased after a product is added to the cart. Moreover, customers sees that a product has an option (as for the product on the screenshot, the 'size' option is shown), but the option drop-down has only one selection, which doesn't make sense. If you aren't going to add more selections for the product options, you can consider the pricing without options. In other words, you can set a particular price a product itself without using the price modifiers. For example, you can set the $26 price for the product 'White-Mega' and remove the 'Size' option as this option doesn't provide your customers with any information or choice.
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