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Originally Posted by The Decal World View Post
I have heard all of these complaints. I just got another email from a customer today. HEre is the email:

. Hi:
I was in the process of placing an order on your website, but could get no farther than inputting the shipping address...

I am interested in ordering the following:
LKU HRS-RD2 Mustang Rhinestone Car Window Decal $15.99
Main Rhinestone Color: Colbalt Rhinestones
Secondary: Gold Rhinestones
HRS-RD1 Horse Shoes Rhinestone Car Window Decal $15.99
Main Rhinestone Color: Cobalt Rhinestones
Secondary: Gold Rhinestones
Can you please also provide the following information:

1. What is the shipping address this customer was using? (Please, send it to me via personal message on forum)
2. What exactly did this customer see after putting the shipping address?

Most probably your store doesn't provide the shipping method that might cover all the variety of your customers' addresses.

You are currently using only 2 USPS shipping methods and those methods may or may not cover all your potential customers (for carrier-calcualted shipping methods Ecwid requests the rates and terms from the carrier's site and displays it to the customers as is without changing anything). For some shipping destinations one or both of those methods may be unavailable. If none of the methods are available for a particular shipping address, the customer will not be able to proceed to placing order.

The solution to this is to enable more shipping methods appropriate for your goods in your Ecwid setup.