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Yes, it is possible to charge shipping per unit in Ecwid.

In order to set up shipping method you should:
1. Go to Ecwid control panel → System settings → Shipping → User-defined methods
2. Click ‘New shipping method’ to create it or choose exist method
3. Set the name
4. Define weight limits if needed
5. Click “New charge” button
6. Choose the zone from the select box where this shipping method will be available
7. Set value in ‘Per item, $’ field and leave other fields empty.

Once shipping method is created as described above, shipping cost will be calculated as (Number of items x Per item, $)

You can also add the per product shipping rates if each or some of your products need a special shipping rate. The per product shipping rate can be set in the ecwid control panel → Catalog → Products → Product modify page → Tax and Shipping tab.

In order charge taxes for your home state only, you should create destination zone first, where this tax will be applied. In your case you should create zone, which contain your home state. Please, follow these steps to create this zone:
1. Go to Ecwid control panel → System settings → Zones
2. Click 'New zone' button
3. Enter the name of Taxes zone
4. Click 'Add state' in right column, choose your state, where tax should be applied.
5. Click 'Save' button to finish shipping zone creation.

Once this zone is created you will be able to define tax for exact state. Please, refer to this article for details how to to set up your taxes:
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