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Originally Posted by Joel Pickford View Post
On this same topic, I would like to display all of my products in a particular category on a single page with an unlimited scroll, instead of having to click through numbered pages at the bottom.

A friend of mine has a Shopify store set up this way. Take a look:

Is there a way I can set up my Ecwid store this way?

Ecwid allows you to adjust the number of displayed items on the page.

All you should do is to:

1. set up your Facebook Ecwid store settings to change the product display setting here like on my screenshots:

2. put all your products in one root category.

Thus your items will be displayed on one page with scrolling like your friend’s shop does.

Important NOTE: in spite of all this topic - Ecwid still limit the display of items on a page to 100. This was done in order to ensure prompt users to interact with Ecwid and there were no long waits and timeouts.

As a workaround I suggest you use our Product API to make you custom products list. It allows you to create custom "featured products", "random products" and other widgets like displaying all your products in a particular category on a single page with an unlimited scroll. There is an interesting thread in our forum about this, please take a look:

If you need a professional help with this, please, feel free to contact our partners from Qualiteam:
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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