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Originally Posted by Johannes Pretorius View Post
Thank you for the reply. The thing is I used the editor's video insert option, thus I recon one would expect it to work by default. The flv file is a valid file and plays when pointing to it directly that I have tested. thus maybe the editor is adding it incorrectly ?

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The reason why the video file is not being played is that you are embedding the file directly to the HTML page. The option you used (insert embedded media) allows to insert flash object including video players or .swf, but it is not a video player. The .flv file you use must either be linked or embedded to a .swf file, then you can embed the .swf file to the web page. Or you can insert a video player into your site page. There are a lot of side video players, you can install one of them on your site. Please, refer here for details:

However the easiest solution in this situation would be using this instruction in our knowledge base:
You can upload your flv file to YouTube and embed it to your product description. Apart from the fact that it is really easy to add the embed code to the HTML editor in product description tab YouTube provides hosting for your video. And it allows to promote your video - you can add it to other sites or to your page in the social network which can attract more customers to your store and increase sales.
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