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Originally Posted by Amber Carl Photography View Post
I have everything set up perfectly in preview mode, when I save and publish however the store does not show on my website. It should be showing at the bottom of this page but all I see is blank white.

Ecwid Customer Care team is here.

Thank you for contacting us on this matter!

I'm very sorry you faced an issue with your Ecwid store displaying. I'd be happy to help you rectify it.

I inspected your site carefully and I was able to allocate your Ecwid store on this page: Here is what I could see:

Can you see the Ecwid store on this page:

As I can see, there is no Ecwid store on this page, indeed:

Basically, you can insert Ecwid store on a separate page of your Wix site. If you want to display Ecwid on this page you should add it using our app. And, you should delete it from this page: Please, find the detailed article about it here

Still, I understand that this doesn't mean there are any issues on your end.

To help me to find out what might go wrong, please let me know the following:

Please, clear the cache in your browser. Here is the instruction: If you still can recreate the issue, please, send to me these details:

1. The info from our diagnostic page (you can copy and paste it in respond to this message):
2. Are you able to reproduce the issue in another browser?
3. Are you able to replicate it on another device?
4. Can you send me some screenshots that illustrate the problem? A screencast would be even better. You can easily capture the screen and save a record to a GIF file using LICEcap app.

Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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