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Originally Posted by Janata View Post
Is there just one simple snippet to do this?

Thank you for your message!

In order to change the color of all texts to black, you need to use the following CSS code:

.ecwid div, .ecwid span, .ecwid a, .ecwid p {
color: black !important;
Go to your Ecwid control panel > Settings > Design and insert the following CSS code into your active CSS theme. Do not forget to save the changes. Please, reload Ecwid storefront page to see the changes.

Notice that the code affects all of you texts, including the category buttons on your homepage:

If you want it to be the same, you need to use the following code in addition to the previous one:

.ecwid-productBrowser-subcategories-categoryName span {
color: white !important;
Do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. I would be glad to assist!
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