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Originally Posted by undefined15716 View Post
We are embedding a donations payment to our weebly site. There is a thread discussing this issue from 2012. This was helpful for most parts. However, we would like to edit the way the donations are shown in the shopping cart. However the code does not seem to allow for this any more.
The old thread is:

At the end there is the question about getting rid of brackets in the payment options. We cannot find the lines in the codes that the thread refers to. So our question is how can this be done now?
Hello Tuomo,

Thanks for contacting us!

If I understand you correctly, you're using product options with price modifiers as a workaround for adding donations functionality to your Ecwid store, and you want to change how those modifiers look a little bit. Actually, it's pretty simple.

Go to the Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Design → Custom CSS themes, create a new custom CSS theme and paste there one of the below CSS codes (or all of them):

remove price modifier brackets
span.ecwid-productBrowser-details-optionRadioButton-bracket { display: none; }
remove the plus sign
span.ecwid-productBrowser-details-optionRadioButton-sign { display: none; }
remove the whole modifier
span.ecwid-productBrowser-details-optionRadioButton-price { display: none; }
Hope this helps!
Cyril D.
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