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Default USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail based on Items Weight

I currently have 4 sku's in my store. The sku's are three books and a set of the books. The weight for each books is 10oz and the set is 30 oz.

I ship domestic and international from the USA.

I use USPS Flat Rate Priority mail service for shipping. I have set a fixed flat rate($), but want to have the weight calculated and correct shipping applied based on the total number of items and the combined weight of the items with the correct envelope or box.

I can fit 4 books into the USPS flat rate envelope and up to 16 books(9 lbs) into a USPS medium size box. Larger than this is the large box.

I have tried to set this up, but the weight of the items only indicates pounds and I have not been successful yet in making this work correctly.

Two Zones - USA and World(not USA) - can a single zone be used?

Set USPS Priority Mail Flat rate as default domestic and international shipping by sku weight based on number of items in shopping cart.

Also show expedited shipping option.

Thank you in advance for help.