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Originally Posted by Elcio Monteiro de Souza View Post
How can we help you?
I want to show the shipping rates on the product page because in Brazil buyers are in the habit of checking the shipping value before the checkout. Is there any possibility to do this? this is determinant for a sale here in Brazil.

Please provide the link to your storefront

I'm Dexter from Ecwid team. Thank you for your message I'm here to help you!

Basically, the shipping rates are shown on the Checkout page because the rates are calculated based on subtotal, weight, your and customers' location. Also, customers are usually supposed to choose the preferred shipping method at Checkout. That's why it works as follows right now.

I've checked your store and the shipping methods. Now you have the Carrier-calculated shipping rates. It means that the rates should be calculated only after the Shipping address is entered at Checkout.

Thus, please, elaborate on your question. How should it work? Should customers enter their address on the product page? Or are you going to use some fixed rate?

Please, give me some details, examples and I'll be happy to assist! Thank you!

I'm looking forward to your reply!