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Hello Rob,

Una here, Ecwid Customer Care Team. Thank you for your message!

There is no built-in feature, which would allow to add a product name to the right panel in one click, however I have a workaround for you. As I can see, you hid a SKU line and if you don’t use the SKU field for its intended purpose, then I suggest to use it for a product name. In order to achieve what you want, please follow the instruction below:

1) Go to your Ecwid control panel->Catalog->Products. Open a product details page and enter a product name in the SKU field. Perform this step for all your products.

2) Open Storefront Label Editor (Ecwid control panel->Settings), find the ProductDetails.sku field and remove “SKU” text:

3) Enable "Show product SKUs on storefront" option in Ecwid control panel->Settings->Design->Theme Options->Appearance.

As a result the right panel will look like that:

I hope this solution will suit you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. We will be glad to answer and help.

Best regards, Una Q.,
Ecwid Support Team

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