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Originally Posted by Selena Johnes View Post
Hello, Ecwid team!

I hear your product is one of the most flexible ecommerce items and it is suitable for any kind of website. So, I'm planning to add some online shopping possibilities to my web project, which is plain HTML/CSS and has no CMS whatsover.
And I have a thing to ask about - will it be possible to integrate Ecwid into any chosen enterprise resource planning application? If yes, could you please recommend the most compatible one so far? Do I need any extra software for this?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions!
Hello Selena!

Thank you for your interest in Ecwid and contacting Ecwid Customer Care Team!

Yes, you surely can add Ecwid to your site with no CMS. Ecwid is an embeddable shopping cart, it can be added into any website, blog or social network page. In order to add the store to your site, you should place the integration code of Product Browser widget in the source code of your site. You’ll find this integration code in the dashboard wizard in your Ecwid control panel. Click on "Create your store" > choose "Yes I have a website" > Other platform. Please, see the screenshot:

In general, it is possible to integrate Ecwid with any 3-d party program using our API. Please, note this way requires professional skills and custom programming. You can find Ecwid API documentation here:
If you need professional help with such custom integration, you can hire a developer who will create the solution for you. If you are interested in it, please fill in this form: Our customization team will reach you out.

I am afraid, I can’t recommend you any particular enterprise resource planning system right now. I need more detailed info for this. Could you please specify what features of enterprise resource planning system you want to use?

By the way, Ecwid provides a store owner with a number of tools allowing to manage the online store. You can control orders and their statuses, track inventory, set up taxes and do many other things right from Ecwid control panel.

Hope that helps. I am always glad to help if you have any further questions.
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