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Originally Posted by om_ View Post
when i search any listed ecwid of my product its showing with amazon and other websites in google and other search engine i have only one question - how get top in search engine with ecwid store listed products ..
I'm Anna, Ecwid Customer Care team, thank you for the message.

As far as I understand, you would like your store pages to appear higher in Google search results, correct?

With Google native indexation your store is indexed with no additional settings required, it is just a matter of time when you'll see your store pages in the search results (details are here:

However, SEO is a very complicated subject, so there is no universal instruction on how to get on top of the search results. Please, refer to this article where we give several tips on how to succeed in SEO:

Also, here are the blog posts you may find useful:

I hope this information helps.
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Ecwid Customer Care Team

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