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Originally Posted by ghkelso1 View Post
Hi Enot,

Thank you for the response. I am actually talking about the links from the product image and the product name that bring a user to the shop/category page when clicked. Please see the attached image and let me know if there is a way to "de-link" these elements!



Thank you for elaborating, I see the issue now.
Let me share my observation:
There’s a reason product image on “checkout” page leads to your product browser: this allows customers to review the products they’re buying or return to the storefront catalog. So, removing it, if done, would result in disappearing of the product image. Plus, it’s actually a part of Ecwid widget, so it can’t be manually removed and replaced with some preloaded product image.

So, at the moment I can only suggest looking for a way to disable a certain redirection from a page under certain circumstances by means of JavaScript but this, if can be done, would require custom programming.
As a workaround, you could make that page (the one where your customers get redirected after clicking on the image) more suited for your needs: for example, you can utilize “category description” field of your root category, hide the “breadcrumps” (described in my post above), and maybe changing the design a bit. More about changing the design can be found here: