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Originally Posted by ghkelso1 View Post
Is there a way to remove the links back to the store/categories when in the "Your Shopping Bag" page? I have a responsive website and wanted to use the single product widget for a single product that I sell from the website. I found out the hard way that the single product widget pop-up is not responsive *yet* so I am forced to setup a "store" page from which all the cart actions can be made. Since I am only selling 1 product on the website I use the option to open the shopping bag when the "Add To Bag" button is clicked. Everything looks/works fine but a shopper has the option to click on the product name/image and it brings them to the store which I do not want to happen. Essentially I want to remove all the links from the page except the "checkout" button.

Is there a script that I can add to remove the links from this page?

Actually, I’ve checked your website and it looks like you’ve already figured out a solution, since for the life of me I couldn’t find a direct way to get to your categories/store pages.

Still, just in case, such links can be hidden by means of editing Ecwid design via CSS. Just go to your Ecwid control panel> System settings > Design. There you can either create a new custom CSS theme, or edit the custom one you are using (if you are using one).
Now all that’s left is to paste the following code there:

 div.ecwid-productBrowser-categoryPath {

This will hide the “path” of links in the upper right corner, that would otherwise allow your customers to get to those categories.