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My name is Charlie, Ecwid team. Thanks for contacting us!

Originally Posted by Bioherby View Post

Im a online seller of Gynostemma Tea , my brand is BIOHERBY.

I ship about 25 parcels daily.

I use POST-NL shipper (biggest dutch shipping company), but when i export the CSV file from Ecwid and i upload it to the POST-NL interface , it doen't work.

Is there another app or converter available? so i can save tons of time!

or someone knows a trick?

please some one help me!

kind regards

I would love to help you! Although, I think, that it's much more effective for you to contact POST-NL with this problem. If they accept CSV import, then there must be a guide, template documentation.

Usually, when the import does not work, the system should tell you what is wrong with your file (like Ecwid does!). Do you get errors from their import service, that can direct you to what needs to be corrected?

I think, I found the documentation for uploading files here:

As for the 3rd party applications, that can help with that: we have an app, called AfterShip, but as far as I'm concerned, it only allows tracking your shipments. Although, it still might be of use to you, please, check it out:

Please, tell us how else we could help.
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