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Originally Posted by Alice Chang View Post
Hi Arthur,

Thank you so much for helping. I'm actually not using the Ecwid app for Wix. I purchased the e-commerce plan from Wix, which comes with a store "page" on the Wix HTML editor, it is powered by Ecwid but I am not sure if that gives me a Ecwid Store ID.
Hi Alice,

Thank you for clarification.
When you subscribe to the Wix E-commerce plan, you get a Wix Store app, which is not powered by Ecwid.
In order to use Ecwid on your Wix site, you should add our application to your Wix site.
Please refer to this article to learn how to do it:

Hope it will be helpful for you.
Please let me know if you have anymore questions. I'll be happy to help.