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Originally Posted by antonio d. View Post
Hi all,
I need to use a fixed navbar in my new custom website.
I use Bootstrap 2.3.2 to build it.
The navbar is fixed on top and is 120px high.
So, I added 120px top-margin to body css.
The first icwd page shows correctly but subsequent pages (category, products...) will not honor the top-margin rule. and some content of the icwd is covered by the fixed header.
I tried to tweac the icwid css but I can't make it works.
Here are two screenshots:

1 - first page containing icwd

2 - subsequent pages

How can I fix this?

Thank you for contacting us.

Judging by the screenshots you provided, I see that you have a fixed header in your website and when you navigate in your Ecwid store pages, sometimes the navigation menu overlaps the Ecwid store, right?

Please try to add the code from this article: right after your <body> tags and see if it fixes the issue.

Also, can you please provide a link to the website so I can inspect it? Thank you.
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